Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The new tale

It is still entirely based around the same character 'Newton,'  however instead of arriving home with the cradle, I will now tell the story of how he aquires the cradle from a science museum.

The story it self is incrediblt simple, Newton subtly arrives into the main museum floor through an air conditioning system, rapples to the ground via a rope suspended from the vents above.  Has a quick stroll around the floor out of curiosity, before making a B-Line for the cradle.  The moment that he lifts the cradle from the plynth, a laser security system is acivated which he has to avoid and navigate upon his return journey to his escape rope.  Unfortunatly however whenever he pulls on the rope it unwraps and falls from the ceiling and lands at his feet, leaving the poor raccoon trapped inside the museum......

It most probably will take slightly different twists and turns from this post but this should be the general 'jist.'

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