Sunday, 20 March 2011

Reference images and Script udates

 I collected many reference images and simply things that would insprire me to go forth with the film, and turned them into poster/mood boards.

The movement and artistic sculpture of a Newtons Cradle


I know this will take up a huge space but meh.. here is my upated script.

Draft Script #002

Chris Walker


Opening, Night

A raccoon is sneaking home, ducking from cover to cover as he makes his way to and through the front door of his tree/house

Newton pulls upon the light switch and holds his swag bag up in the air in triumph.

He follows by removing his bandit mask and begins
to saunter over to his desk where he sets down remove the contents of the bag

He studies the cradle with intent, is intrigued by his own reflection.


Grabs a single ball pulls it up watches the result

His eyes travel along with the movement of the ball, expecting the ball to continue in one direction, he loses sight of it as it swings in reverse to complete it’s path, the sound of the metal colliding brings his attention back to the correct direction.

              Quiet mumbling and giggling

Growing more excited, he checks the room to make sure he is alone, no one else followed him or is watching him. He grasps two balls and watches the outcome, goes to stop the cradle with his paw, the balls stop, but hurts his fingers in the process.

Newton reaches up surveys the damage to his paw then takes a swipe at the cradle.

His claw catches a string and it snaps, the errant ball rolls off of the desk and out of sight, Newton looks for the ball, fails to see it, turns back to the desk lifts and looks at the cradle, sets it back down, as he turns to check the room again he cuffs the swag bag from the table.

Looking round the room he his eyes land on a light bulb,

He takes the bulb and attaches it to the cradle

 Pulls the ball nearest the bulb up and releases it, which proceeds to smash the bulb, bulb lights for a split second upon impact.

At the moment of connection/upon hearing the sound Newton turns away

Waits till the noise dies down and swivels back to look at the mess.

        Disgruntled Sigh

Looks at the cradle, eyes travel downwards, look at the empty bag, then up at the bookcase initially with just his eyes, his head then follows the motion as he looks upwards.

Face lights up with Idea
                    Montage of Building sequence

Grabs railway track from his bookcase,
Pushes trolley chair over to desk,
Casually tries to lift bowling ball fails,
Sits at desk slams fist on desk,
Grabs Christmas lights from bookcase,
Tries to lift bowling ball using both arms fails,
Sits at desk arms working over time,
Runs through shot carrying bowling ball,
Sits at desk tying on the lights,
Pushes Trolley chair to the center of the room,
Grabs welding equipment from the bookcase,
Puts on welding mask, slams down the front.

Other animals have gathering around Netwon’s home and peering through the window

Light rushes through the window from the welding taking place indoors the noise causes the other animals to scatter.
Inside morning light breaks through the window

Newton looks proud at stares at his creation.

Using all his strength he lifts the furtherest left ball as high as he physically can

The ball swings down, the opposite ball swings up further than he expected and smashes out through the window

Cradle continues to sway causing considerable harm to the home

Newton rushes outside to survey damages

Watches the ball swing in and out a few times, panics

Stands on a tree stump near to the window

Tries to catch the ball as it passes

Misses first time

Grabs it on the next swing, it’s has too much momentum for him to be able to successfully stop. Keeps hold of the string

Both Newton and the ball swing in and out of the space in which the window used to be.

(Off Camera) Newton lets go of the ball inside the house, lands with a crash

Stomps angrily through the front door

Standing outside, begins to raise an arm and finger as he tries to come up with an idea, turns to see that the other animals have returned attracted by the noises,


Makes a fist, as he cannot think of anything

Drops the arm, folds them, shoulders slump                  


Credits roll over top of film

Eyes go back and forth as the cradle still has yet to stop.
Eyes light up with idea

Newton stands on the tree stump with a baseball ready for the cradle to throw his a pitch

He swings the heavy ball breaks the bat

Newton bend down to pick up whats left of the bat

Ball swings over head

Newton stands up, sees the oncoming ball,

Ball hits him knocking him inside and uses him as a buffer to stop the cradle

Cut to black


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