Thursday, 31 March 2011

Some Futher Character Design Ideas

I though that I had pretty much settled on these as they would be purdy functional and easy to animate, however I feel that they seriously lack a likeability factor, so i'm including and early corel paint work which I'm going to develop this week end that looks much cuter but it's current shape urmmmm.... let's say definitly does not lend itself to a nice n easy rig and thus animation..

Turn arounds standing and sitting

The 'Nice wee design,' even though the width of his head is the height of his body
 (I this was inspired my a design I saw on a t'shirt printing website, either wordans or cafe press i believe)
I like the idea of a brown and tawny colour scheme as it will blend much better in with the warmly lit tree surroundings, than the more traditional blueish grey tinge to the fur that is the image that comes to most people when they think of Raccoons,  If I can stretch out the stumpy limbs just enough so that they can comply with all the actions needed, I will then use this hopefully to produce a newer/better turnaround.  Plus it's really different to anything else style wise than i've ever drawn before.... Pat inspired me today to push this one forth

A futher colour test, I am using corel to blend the colours then these will be taken into maya and used as a texture the the ' 3D fur ' Will grow from and collect it's colour maps and infomation,  I like the ginger bits on the tail I don't know whether to use that and a base colour or use it very sparingly to accent certain features...

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