Thursday, 10 March 2011


Just to start things on the right foot, this is a blog dedicated to my up and coming animation        

"Newton the Raccoon"

I'm just going to post any progress major or minor (mabye even mixolydian) here for all to see and hopefully somewhat enjoy, Thanks

           To begin with I'm simply going to talk about, my approach not only to this animation but to animation in general.
            Nearing the end of Grammar School I had to make the decision as to whether I went to a College of Music or College of Art, after a long debate I chose in favour of the latter as I felt I could flex my creative ideas in both a audio/musical way as well as artisticly, plus a career might be more likely be on the cards come the end of University!  It was the Soundtrack/score aspect that turned me to animation in the first place,   (when I was 16 my brother told me there were hidden messages in 'The Lion King' so we decided to see if there was any truth to that, we fast forewarded through most of it and discoved nothing, he said his friends were probbably lying so turned the TV off.  At dinner time I went back wound the tape back and watched it start to finish and was in awe of the Soundtrack, more so the score than the songs but I became hooked.  I then proceeded to drop Math and Physics after gcse/AS level with a much regret if i'm honest, and took up Art and Moving Image Arts, so I could simply draw pretty pictures to some chello based music, wind the tape foreward five years and i'm still doing the same. True story now back to the point at hand)
            I feel like I have come along way since then I have a much better grounding in the knowledge of how true animation works flows and the rules that must be followed, as well as improving my music theory in my free time.  I suppose I focused upon animation as opposed to painting, graphics ect. as like the scientific subjects it has an almost, right or wrong answer or aspect.  Each step needs to be done in a certain/correct  manner for it to work, and when it does not it is blatently obvious!  I know this sounds completely boring but I like following rules, working with numbers and solving problems, and from some point of views that is what animation is. (at least to me)
              I get my creative fill during the script writing, designing and Scoring stages, which keeps moral up, then the rest of the time, I enjoy arguing with maya ironing out its wee problems, following pre production art in the modelling stage, animating to a strict 'dopesheet' or using the numbers and timing from a music piece to attempt to link seamlessly link Audio and Visual.  (through a scientific method as opossed to TBA..... just my approach!)

Ps. i find at the early creative stages of a project (i.e now) if I try too hard or focus all my energy on one aspect, It sucks the life out of it for me, it loses the spontaneity factor that is what keeps the piece original and fresh, simply an excuse as to why I am experiencing slow progress with character design.

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