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As I previously have said, like most people what turned me to animation in the beginning would be the Disney Renaissance period, (fond memories of childhood plus stunning visuals and sounds to match) However I wish to discuss my current influences/ ones that have led me down this path.
     Up until one year ago I would have always ranked 2D animation above 3d (despite my sheer undiluted hatred of animie, sorry anybody who reads this that really enjoys it, I've tried to like it, I've sat through films and full series, but I can't bring my self to it...point being despite this I adored 2D rant over) I felt that they had so much life and that you could feel the personality of the specific artist who drew each frame coming through the picture.  However after coming to university I learnt about and discovered so many great 3D animated films that I changed my tune so to speak.  The only prior 3d influence to that period of time would be the Dreamworks Series 'Father of the Pride,' which unfortunately was a monumental failure but nonetheless it's still my favourite animated series to date

The character designs we not realistic in anyway shape or form but they were able to seamlessly blend the mannerisms of the character to match the voice actors, if a link between voice and action is broken it I believe that it will alienate the audience immediately.  How the character was portrayed to the audience was done in my opinion very well, through the movements and idiosyncrasies of each of the cast was enough to tell you all that was needed to know about that individuals, attitude morals ect. In fact the pilot and following episode were never aired as there was simply too much back story, basically  throwing explanations it in the viewers face as opposed to them delving into the animated world.
       Appearance wise it was ahead of the curve for the time it was released as it was a Dreamworks piece it was very similar to Shrek in appearance (Donkey even made a guest appearance on the show, simply to advertise Sherk 3 but he never looked out of place so for an animated series to have the quality of a multi million dollar block buster really impresses me) the set/char design was quite cartoon esque however they utilize the 3d, so that the textures were deep, the set was detailed, the chars had realistic fur and gloss on their eyes, the shadows created such a more believable atmosphere than a cel shaded environment.  The simply topology and design combined with a more immersive visual is something I really strive to carry over into my own film. 

         Since then technology has vastly improved as have the appearance of the films, A great example of something that inspired me would be cloudy with a chance of meatballs, unfathomably far fetch'd but the visuals carry it off so well, again the caricature ish nature of it's design coupled with the realistic shading and lighting hugely enhance the immersiveness and believability factor.

I like the ldea of recreating complex textures in 3d hense my focus on Fur, films like Open Season, Madagascar, Over the hedge were simply awe inspiring for their fur, as tech progresses so do the outward appearing of the characters and it gives me something further to reference and more importantly to aim for.

1 Open Season 2 Over the hedge
As a Grammar school student my I was taught (ish) that classical artists were the most talented, the masters who could produce near photo-realism believe able textures.. so I guess I've migrated this view over into animation.  As I grew up I discoved Futurism which I become quite fond of, a photo realistic painting might as well be a photo-still, the futurists captured realis tic movement, using abstract subjects, which I can enliken to the simply char immerisive atmosphere that I previously mentioned.

Gianfranco Balla 'Abstract Speed' and 'The Swift'

Marcel Du Champ Nude desending the staircase No.2 (My favoutive painting of all time as it is simply a flipbook but on one fantastic place of paper.

I actually found this next artist by accident, simply through doing a google search for something completly different, ( the fact that the web address is has nothing to do with the major/minor/mixolydian scale thing I said in my welcome message just is a rather large coincidence!) Giuseppe Canino is a 3d digital artist who focuses on sculpture and topology exercises.  I see his work as an example of bring expression and life to a model and he avoids the uncanny valley (which is what my dissertaion is on) I have little intrest in the subject of his sculptures themselves, demons, mythological creatures ect but I can appearciate their technical brilliance.  His choice of lighting and shaders also plays a large part in the convincing 'aushend' of this work.

Beauty and the Beast 4, Head Study 2

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